August, 2021

14Aug2:00 PM5:00 PMWebinar: Understanding Sexual Orientation from a Biblical and Psychological Perspective2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Event Type:Webinar,Workshop

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Sexual orientation refers to an individual’s emotional, romantic and sexual attraction to others.

Besides the traditional attraction of opposite genders, sexual orientation now include homosexual, bisexual and asexual.

Many researchers opined that many factors contribute to a person’s sexual orientation including environmental, emotional, hormonal, and biological.

As the Bible advocates for heterogenous relationships, this workshop seeks to understand how we can extend love and grace to others of a different sexual orientation without compromising God’s truth.

Target Level:
Open to parents, church workers and anyone who wish to understand sexual orientation to help others more effectively.


  • To understand the development of gender identity and how it impacts sexual orientation.
  • To provide a biblical perspective on homosexuality and create a supportive environment where same-sex strugglers can encounter truth and grace.
  • To equip participants with a framework on how to connect with strugglers and see them restored to personal dignity and relational wholeness.

14 August 2021(Sat)

2pm to 5pm


RM40 for NACC members
RM80 for non-members

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2 hours


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National Association of Christian Counsellors (NACC) Malaysia




(Saturday) 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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  • 罗碧玲牧师 (Rev. Tryphena Law Pek Leng)

    罗碧玲牧师 (Rev. Tryphena Law Pek Leng)

    罗碧玲牧师是由马来西亚神召会所按立的牧师。罗牧师目前是《基督里得自由》的执行董事;《基督里得自由》是一个以教牧关怀及教牧辅导来服事面对性别困扰的群体的基督教机构。她曾被同性吸引但如今已走出这挣扎,这个经历促使她对性别身份有深刻的洞察力并装备她去陪伴同性恋挣扎者。在过去的18年,罗牧师在辅导性别困扰者和家属方面累积了丰富的经验。 精通多种语言的她常被邀请到本地及海外不同宗派的教会,大学,学校和营会等地方分享。 罗牧师也以她曾为教师的身份积极地向不同年龄层及背景的群体分享性别身份,性破碎,修复与完整等课题,提倡在这课题上的醒觉。