About NACC Malaysia

A national association of Christian counsellors which serves to promote and equip their Christian community in Christian counselling.

Our Beginning

The National Association of Christian Counsellors Malaysia (NACC Malaysia) was registered as a national association on 9th May 2011, and was officially launched by the Chairman of NECF Malaysia on 29th Oct 2011 in conjunction with our first National Counselling Conference.

NACC is registered as an independent body by the Registrar of Societies on 9 May 2011 (ROS number: 2291-11-SEL). We are a member of the International Network for Christian Counselling (INCC).

The Association

Christians advocating Christian counselling are usually represented by a national association of Christian counsellors which serves to promote and equip their Christian community in Christian counselling.

In Malaysia, the National Association of Christian Counsellors (NACC) is established with the support and encouragement of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia.

Vision & Mission

To promote and equip the body of Christ in Malaysia with Christian Counselling knowledge and skills through networking, events, seminars, conferences and publications.

Our Mission

Promoting the development of Christian counselling as a publicly-recognised discipline
Equipping lay Christian counsellors in churches
Encouraging NACC members to research and write in areas unique to Christian counselling
Promoting high standards in the theory and practices of Christian counselling through the
NACC Code of Ethics
Initiating and promoting care and counsel as mission of Christ
Fostering co-operation and unity through sharing of information among Christians of different biblical counselling approaches

Board Members (2021-2023)

Patrick Cheng


Patrick Cheng has been in Christian ministry for over three decades. He holds a Bachelor of Theology from the Malaysia Bible Seminary, a M.A. in Pastoral Counselling from Alpha Omega International College and a Master in Counselling from HELP University.

His passion is to come alongside church leaders to build Emotionally Healthy Churches through speaking engagements and training workshops on strong marriages, smart parenting effective counselling skills, emotional excellence, sexual addiction and other mental health issues.

He is also a licensed counsellor at a professional counselling centre and a part-time lecturer at a local university. He has authored a book entitled Different Sage for Different Stage: A Journey in Christian Counselling, examining the needs of different stages of life from a Biblical and psychological perspective.

Peter Soo

Vice President

Peter Soo is a licensed and registered counsellor with Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia. He is currently running Perkhidmatan Komuniti Sempurna, an outreach ministry to the local youth in Kluang, Johor.

He had his theological training at the Bible College of Malaysia and Malaysia Bible Seminary. He also graduated with a Master in Counselling from Open University Malaysia and a Graduate Certificate in Counsellor Supervision from HELP University.

Lee Pei Chin (Cassandra)


Cassandra is a registered and licensed counsellor with the Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia. She graduated with Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) and Masters in Counselling from HELP University. She is currently working with SUKA Society, an NGO that works to protect and preserve the best interests of marginalized and vulnerable children in Malaysia. Previously, she worked in an education setting as a student counsellor to support students who experience academic stress, friendship and family issues, self-esteem issue and so on.

Cassandra’s approach is person-centered. She strongly believes that every individual has the capability to lead their own life and grow into their best self. She endeavours to facilitate her clients in their growth process by providing a growth-promoting environment so they can cope with their challenges in life. Cassandra is actively serving in the Royal Rangers and worship ministry in her church.

Fennie Chong


Fennie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Distinction) from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. She is a Certified Master Performance Coach (ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) and is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

She graduated from NACC’s Lay Christian Counselling Course in October 2020. Fennie is currently the Professional Coach, Talent Consultant & Founder of Chat Point Consulting, her own coaching and consulting practice focusing on helping leaders and organizations clarify goals and develop intentional action plans for continued success in life, career, performance, and leadership.

Prior to that, she spent over 20 years in three large multinational companies. Fennie is a member of Revival Centre KL where she was an active member of the Chinese Zone before God called her to pursue her passion and purpose in lay Christian counseling. Fennie and her husband are committed to help others through God-given potential.

Quah Ju Lee

Assistant Secretary

Julee Quah graduated from Alpha Omega International College with a Masters in Pastoral Counselling prior to embarking to study a secular Master of Counseling in HELP University and is currently finishing her counseling internship.

She used her Master of Science degree and Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree to teach in various capacities for the last 25 years. The longest of which is as a college lecturer. She has been doing community service during her many years in the Education field.

It was during her years of community service that she found her passion in mental health advocacy as well as in psychoeducation. She continues to conduct workshops on various mental health topics as well as seeing individual and group clients. She is also a part of the Emmanuel Community Care initiative.

Julee uses a more eclectic approach, although she certainly loves using a more person-centered approach. She even is doing a course in Play Therapy. Everyone is unique and special for her. This includes children and teens as she works mostly with students as well as young adults.

She believes that every individual has the capacity to grow into their best selves and that there is an inherent strength in everyone to self-heal themselves through talk therapy.

Hannie Cheong

Committee Member

Yoke Han, fondly known as Hannie (pronounced as “HAN-nee”) graduated with a Masters in Pastoral Counseling with Alpha Omega International College (AOIC). She also won the James Allen award for academic excellence and exemplary Christian character.

Before embarking on a career switch into mental healthcare, Hannie was a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA). She had worked in various banks and financial institutions. Her last corporate position was the regional accounts head for an international bank, managing the portfolio of 7 countries.

Hannie is passionate about transforming lives and helping people see the best of themselves and others. She believes that everyone has their inherent positive asset and deserves a second chance (and third, etc) no matter how they started. In line with this philosophy, besides counseling, Hannie co-founded a ministry that reaches out to sex workers and their community.

Senaida Anak Gira

Committee Member

Senaida graduated with Bachelor of Theology from Philippines Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS) and Master in Christian Counselling from STT Jaffray, Jakarta.

She has been involved in Church ministry (BM) since 2002 in various capacities and currently serves in SIB Semenanjung as coordinator of Member Care Ministry (Counseling).

Other than Counselling she also conducts workshop, provides training and teaching among various Christian groups. She is also involved with Women's Ministry among SIB BM Churches.

Senaida is also a co-founder of PETA HATI, which aims at ministering and reaching out through Counselling, videos and eBooks.

She strongly believes that every individual needs a chance to be heard and loved in order to experience emotional healing. She is passionate about Counselling and longs to see the change in perspective towards counselling among Christian community.

Council of Reference (2020-2023)

Dr John Court

Dr Eric Scalise

Dr Evelyn Biles

Dr T. Maniam

Dr Goh Chee Leong

Dr Johnben Loy

Ps Dr Daniel Ho

Ps Dr Chew Weng Chee

Dr Edmund Ng