Our Response to
the Covid-19 Pandemic

As an organisation that focus on integrating biblical and psychological principles in our endeavours to help people on mental health issues, NACC Malaysia will render our assistance as follows:

1. Mobilisation of trained counsellors

To respond to those who need mental health support. Those of you who know people needing such help do encourage them to visit Emmanuel Online

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2. Provide online basic training for Christians

To reach out to relatives and friends who need mental health support specifically across the life span i.e. children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens.

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What We Do

To promote and equip the body of Christ in Malaysia with Christian counselling knowledge and skills through networking, events, seminars, conferences and publications.

Christian counselling is a relationship between two or more persons in which the counsellor seeks to help the person(s) in need, using theory and techniques developed through an integration between psychology and theology.

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Our Objectives

To promote the practice
of Christian counselling
To encourage the development of Christian counselling as a discipline
To assist in the research of Christian counselling theories and practices
To promote high standards in education, competency and accreditation in Christian counselling
To enhance public awareness of Christian counselling
To foster sharing of information among Christians of different Biblical counselling approaches

Upcoming Courses & Workshops

09Dec9:30 AM12:30 PMNACC Workshop on Walking Alongside People with Trauma (Dec 2023)Physical or Zoom (Online)9:30 AM - 12:30 PM Event Type:Workshop Contact Hours: 2

13Jan9:30 AM12:30 PMNACC Workshop: Counseling in a Multicultural SettingHybrid9:30 AM - 12:30 PM Event Type:Workshop Contact Hours: 2


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Thick and Thin Counselling

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Working with Couples: A Conceptual Framework

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Healthy Directions through Group Counselling

I enjoy hiking, and when I hear about a new trail that I have not previously trekked, this provides opportunity to satisfy my adventurous spirit propelling me to locate this…
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