Categories of Membership

Membership has its privileges and credibility for recognition.

Membership Benefits

Eligible for registration discounts to attend conferences, workshops and lectures
Access to forums for networking, skills enhancement and information-sharing to keep abreast with the latest developments in Christian counselling
Accumulation of contact hours for Associate Members to qualify as Ordinary Members
Professional and Ordinary Members are listed in the NACC website for networking among ourselves and with the Christian community
Develop greater effectiveness to help others through their counselling knowledge and skills
Lighten the burden of pastors as caregivers to individuals in need as competency and knowledge of lay counsellors are enhanced

Platform for Recognition

Secularly qualified counsellors in Malaysia are registered under the Board of Counsellors Malaysia which does not recognise Christian counselling. Hence, membership with the NACC does not certify a Christian to set up practice as a professional counsellor.

NACC hopes that by promoting and imparting basic counselling knowledge and skills to the general body of Christ in this nation, many more Christians will be motivated to pursue a tertiary course to qualify academically as a professional counsellor.

Above all, a national association of Christian counsellors can be a platform to voice the interests of those practising Christian counselling, particularly for Government recognition, when we have the membership strength to do so.

Membership Application & Process

  1. Ordinary Membership is for Malaysian citizens only.
  2. Foreign citizens can apply for Associate Membership only.
  3. Corporate Membership is for churches and para-church organizations only.
  4. Application for Ordinary Membership (and Diploma holders) must be accompanied by a photocopy of the relevant certificate of tertiary qualification for approval of the NACC Membership Sub-Committee
  5. The decision of the NACC Membership Sub-Committee is final.
  6. Applications not approved for Ordinary Membership will be registered for Associate Membership.
  7. An Associate Member (except for foreign citizens) must accumulate a total of 30 Contact Hours to be eligible to become an Ordinary Member.
  8. The contact hours must be submitted to the NACC only when the required total of 30 has been accumulated.
  9. Only Ordinary Members are eligible to vote at the association’s Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings.

The financial year of the association is from Jan 1 – Dec 31. Membership can be applied at any time of the year and the Annual Subscription is pro-rated in the first year.

Annual subscription for the following year and thereafter is RM100.









Ordinary Members

  • Christian Counsellors who are Malaysian citizens
  • Have obtained training from recognised institutions
  • Above the age of 21
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Associate Members

  • Do not need to have any counselling qualifications
  • Can be elevated to Ordinary Members if they collect the relevant qualifications from the training offered by NACC
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Corporate Members

  • For churches and para-church organizations
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