Counsellors/MHPs (Family Therapy)


While every effort has been made to list only qualified and credible Christian Counsellors/Mental Health Practitioners (MHPs) in this page, the NACC leadership cannot be held liable for any discrepancies and shortcomings on their part. Should there be any complaints against their services, kindly lodge complain direct to their respective counselling agencies.

Ann Gunapalan (KL/PJ)

Judy Lim (Melaka)

Patrick Cheng (KL/PJ)

Phoebe Yee (KL/Chinese)

Soh Yoke Wah (KL/PJ/Bilingual)

Dr. Yeo Pei Li (PJ/Online)

Wee Sian Li (PJ)

Phua Ah Eng (PJ)

Vincent Lim (PJ)

Cheah Lay Lin (Penang)

Joyce Lu Mee Eng (Sarawak)

Loh E Laine (Selangor)

Yvonne Lee (Selangor)