April, 2022

02Apr9:00 AM4:00 PMIntegration of Religious and Spiritual Worldview in the Counselling Process and Outcome9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Event Type:Workshop

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Workshop Description Part 1
Malaysia is a religious nation whose official religion is Islam, which is practiced by 61.3% of the population. The Federal Constitution also guarantees freedom of practice and propagation of all other religions including Buddhism (19.8%), Christianity (9.2%), Hinduism (6.3%), and Chinese Folk Religion (3.4%).

All religions teach people to depend on the Transcendent not only for their psychological and physical wellbeing but also to be altruistic towards others. Many counselors dichotomize the psychological from the religious dimension of life. However, it is well-known fact that one’s worldview, moral values, and meaning in life are embedded in one’s religious beliefs.

A client’s ability to cope with their mental health issues is highly correlated to the client’s spirituality. This workshop helps counselors to integrate their religious beliefs with their counseling practice and outcome. Different models of integration of psychology and religion will be presented. The assessment of spirituality and the use of spiritual disciplines in therapy will be explored. The ethical parameters will include informed consent and whether to use or not to use spiritual interventions in therapy will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:
Participants able to:

1. Counselors will identify the seven sources of epistemology including the role of religion and spirituality.

2. Counselors will articulate the four dimensions of integration of religion in the counseling process and outcome.

3. Counselors will be able to explain the four different approaches to integration psychology and theology of their faith.

4. Counselors will know how to make a spiritual assessment of their clients using the FICA assessment tool and a symptom checklist with religious issues such as forgiveness and religious traumas.

5. Counselors will learn how to embody their religious values by exposing rather than imposing their values.

6. Counselors will discriminate the use of spirituality both when clients request for it or when clients are not amenable to spiritual intervention.

Workshop Description Part 2
An Integrated, Biblically based model for Effective Christian Counselling, this workshop will explore from scripture on how dysfunctional thoughts and mental strongholds affect our feelings and behaviour. It will examine on how to replace those defective thoughts and align them with the promises in the Word of God, thus negating those unhelpful core beliefs in the process.

A case study will be used to illustrate how the person’s family of origin issues have affected his personal, family and work life and how counselors can help him apply an integrated approach to help him manage his life more positively. The workshop will compare and contrast scripture with the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and the Person-centred Therapy models, the former focuses on how maladaptive thoughts and dysfunctional thinking patterns affect feelings, behavior and even the body’s physiological processes while the latter emphasizes unconditional positive regard to build rapport and effect greater self awareness and insight to resolve challenges in life.

Learning Objectives::

1. Participants will examine the similarities and differences between Unconditional Positive Regard vs Agape love

2. Participants will discuss Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs God’s Experiential Processes

3. Participants will strike the balance between strict theoretical adherence and the reliance on the Holy Spirit’s revelation

4. Participants will examine some therapeutic techniques in the light of scriptures

2 April 2022 (Sat)

9.00 am – 4.00 pm

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  • Dr. Ben Lim

    Dr. Ben Lim

    A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and Texas. He earned his Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Texas Tech University, TX. Ben is a Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. Dr. Ben is the Emeritus Professor of Marital and Family Therapy at Bethel University Minnesota. He works with individuals, couples, and families from a systemic perspective, specializing in premarital counselling, marriage enrichment, parenting, marital and family therapy, multi-cultural therapy, spiritual biopsychosocial wholeness, crisis intervention and trauma, grief, anxiety, and depression and interpersonal competence. He conducts training and seminars on these topics at conferences and communities in various countries, including his home country Malaysia.

  • Patrick Cheng

    Patrick Cheng

    He has been in Christian full-time ministry in both the church and para-church context for more than three decades. He is the president of NACC Malaysia. He is a part-time lecturer at a local university and a licensed counsellor at a professional counselling center, helping clients on both individual and couple therapy. He also conducts talks and workshops on emotional excellence, counselling skills, strong marriages and smart parenting. He holds a Bachelor in Theology, a Master in Pastoral Counselling and a Master in Counselling. He has been married for over 30 years and has two grown-up sons.